Mithun Chakravorty comes together with Mahesh Manjrekar

Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
30 May, 2009 09:09:13 PM



Mithun Chakravorty has been a living legend while Mahesh Manjrekar has more often than not always impressed, whether as a director or an actor (most recent example being '99'. Now the two would be coming together in a film titled ZOR LAGA KE HAIYA. A fun entertainer for audience across different age groups, the film is about how a group of children who, with the help of a homeless man (played by Mithun), overcome all obstacles to save a tree from being razed by a money-minded construction giant (Gulshan Grover) and his contractor (Mahesh Manjrekar).

Says a source from the film's production house, ''The film is a face off of sorts with senior actors like Mithunda, Gulshan Grover and Mahesh Manrekar coming together. They have seen it and done all for years now and it is a casting coup of sorts to bring the trio together.''

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The film has Mithun Chakravorty playing a loner with a mysterious past. He has love for his own space and privacy though there is much more to him than what meets the eye. On the other hand Gulshan Grover plays the role of a conniving, sadistic and money minded builder who gets the job done at any cost, especially at the expense of Mother Nature. Mahesh Manjrekar is expected to bring in some funny moments as he enacts the part of a foolish contractor whose intelligence and experience repeatedly fall short when there's work to be done.

The film has another talented actor Seema Biswas [BANDIT QUEEN, KHAMOSHI] who works with Gulshan Grover and Mahesh Manjrekar and is constantly under their fear. Also starring Riya Sen who plays the part of a construction worker, ZOR LAGA KE HAIYA also features a horde of child artists like Ashwin Chitale, Hardik Thakkar and Ayeshka Kaduskar amongst others.

With music by Bapi-Tutul and lyrics by Amitabh Varma, the film is produced by Kartikeya Talreja & Basant Talreja, directed by Girish Girija Joshi and is all set for a 12th June release.