Moment of reckoning for Madhuri Dixit: what after GULAAB GANG?

Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
2/27/2014 4:12:17 PM

In few days from now, Madhuri Dixit's much anticipated film GULAAB GANG is going to hit the silver screens all across the countryside and a buzz is building around the film for quite a long time. However a reality check is also in order. It is owing to the fact that after GULAAB GANG Madhuri Dixit does not have any other film nor have there been any new announcements for her. The pertinent question then is, where would her career go?

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download GULAAB GANG wallpapers

Would she then strive out to keep herself in circulation through her website which has been created leveraging on various dance performances that defined Madhuri in the first innings of her acting career, or would she relegate herself to judging various dance shows across various television channels? Or would she become a new age item-girl who would leverage her dance as she did in YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI to keep herself in circulation.

In the domain of item girls there, however, is intense competition from the new breed of young female actors who do not have any reservations to be as provocatively titillating and to flaunt the vital assets with impunity for the moolah, which though a Madhuri Dixit may also try to emulate may not be as successful as she is hindered by the age on her side, and also by the aesthetics of grace that has been associated with her acting oeuvre.


But would that mean that after GULAAB GANG, it is an end of the road for Madhuri Dixit as far as acting in the mainstream cinema is concerned? Well, as a matter of fact, Madhuri Dixit needs to deconstruct herself after GULAAB GANG and come out of the fixation of Diva do some hard hitting films of social relevance. The launching pad has been given to her by GULAAB GANG and she needs to build upon it.

Hindi cinema is going through a very interesting phase where new breed of writers, producers and directors are attacking the established templates of film making left, right and centre and making the audience sit and take notice of their outreach throughout the world. There would be a plethora of directors and producers of the new kind who would give their arm to work with Madhuri Dixit, but she needs to expand the horizon.

May be, one area that she could give a serious thought to is Marathi cinema, which indeed is going through quite an interesting phase and they need a brand ambassador like Madhuri Dixit to give it the push and make it arrive. A brand ambassador like hers would indeed push Marathi cinema into a mainstream that it has been aspiring for, for quite a long time. With an era of dubbed films coming to dominate the landscape, who knows Madhuri's second innings could be as successful around the countryside as it was in the first innings, after all, she still epitomizes what dance with grace an element of sensuality is all about. Audience is still ready to throw coin at her, but she has to step out of the comfort zone, stop living in the comfort of her past dance based performances and built up the new innings with a different guard.

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