Nausheen's triple act in 'Kaalachakra'

By Parag Desai
9/6/2004 12:00:00 AM
Kkusum  is a thing of the past. Nausheen Ali Sardar  has since then moved on to greener pastures. There was joy of doing something new but there were tears too of leaving behind Kusum, a character she had lived for three years! But Nausheen did it. Not only she took to the floorboards with her Hindi play called 'Kusum Manohar Lele', she even shot for a Pakistani soap called 'Ana'  (meaning Ego). Now back where she truly belongs and looking slimmer and nicer, the actress is looking forward to her not one but three new avatars in Star Plus' 'Kaal Chakra'. It's obvious that Nausheen has got a meaty part to dig into but ask her more and she gives us that 'wait and watch'  smile. Mohnish Behl, Mukul Dev  and another actor called Manav  will play her co-stars. "All I can say is that this show is a challenging piece of work for me. I get to play every conceivable emotion. I even play a completely negative character. The names of my three characters are Rashmi, Tania and Nisha. That's it, please don't ask me more", she laughs. What she is willing to reveal is her fondness for the character of Kusum which she lived for three years. "When Ekta Kapoor offered me Kusum, I didn't realize I was getting an opportunity to play someone who was pretty close to me in real life. Also, in the three years I was part of it, it was fun to play her, portray the different kind of emotions Kusum went through. The entire unit had become my family who I saw and met for 30 days a month, every month! So naturally the decision to quit was a tough one but I had to because it was the right career move to make at that time and that's what I did. However given a great role, I'd still happily work for her."

While Nausheen has showcased her talent enough through ads (modeling from the age of 16), music videos (remember the Pehle to kabhi kabhi Altaf Raja video) and serials, what she's looking forward to is some 'great films'. "I think are filmmakers wary about casting me because they feel if I have the time at all and that I'm busy with TV. Since earlier it was a daily show I didn't have enough time to accommodate a film but now since Kaalchakra is a weekly show, I have time on hand so yes, I want to do films. I am a major film buff and the big screen is something which clearly fascinates me. Give me a good role and I will do complete justice to it, I will put my heart and soul into it." She says she would really love to work with the Yashraj, Varma Corp and the Rajshri's banners. Are film producers listening for here's one actor who has proven enough on TV that she's someone to reckon with!