Neeraj Sridhar: Father said-Never copy any singer's voice

Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
11/5/2009 12:39:49 PM



One of Bollywood's most prolific singers, Neeraj Sridhar, is certainly the voice behind countless chartbusters (including the recent most TUM MILE and AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI) and is in a way, the leading singer these days, specially in view of the fact that some of the old timers have gone over selective or are concentrating on regional music and reality/stage shows.

So, what is the secret of Neeraj's success. The singer with the unique velvet voice reveals, 'It is very simple. I just followed my father's advice. He had said, 'Son, no harm in learning from the great singers and trying to adapt their rendition style, but never ever try to copy the voice of any legendary singer, as you will never be able to step out of his shadow. And that's what I did.'

Well, that's a gem of an advice from Neeraj's father and a valuable lesson for those aspiring to be successful singers in Bollywood.

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