Neha Dhupia EXCLUSIVELY speaks about Sonam, Ranbir, Kareena, Kangana and herself

Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
10/10/2016 5:51:11 PM

Neha Dhupia’s new show #NoFilterNeha has created the right buzz all over. When I got a chance to exclusively speak to her, Neha was definitely too proud about what she did and she even spoke about being her unfiltered self on the show.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:


How different is your show from ‘Koffee With Karan’?

It’s completely different. We don’t have hampers or people coming in fancy gowns or coffee mugs which they sign, though we do have coffee breaks. It’s great that the show is being compared to something like KWK. The best part of the show is we’ve got everyone we reached out to and people having so much faith and belief in the show even before it’s aired. Ours is an audio show, purely unfiltered, something that no one has heard. That’s what makes the show so special. The kind of things the celebs have said on the show is not on Wikipedia or Google. If it’s anywhere, it’s on #NoFilterNeha. I feel it’s going to be a place where if you want to know something about Sonam or Kangana, it’s this. I don’t think anybody has been able to make Ranbir choose between his hot ex girlfriends and he’s answered that question.

Which was your favourite celeb to talk to?
Very hard to choose. Everybody had their own shades of wit and humour and some even took time to open up. Sonam, who I didn’t know at all, said yes on a message. Kareena also. In spite of being extremely busy, nobody went back on their word.

'You will see me in a very unfiltered manner where there’s going to be Neha interviewing Neha'

Karan Johar has openly spoken about sex and depression. Do we see you share that ever?
No you will not. The show is about them. You will see me in a very unfiltered manner where there’s going to be Neha interviewing Neha. You’ll see that a bit later I promise you.

Any plans to approach the Khans for the next season?
Let’s see. There’s a lot of fish in the sea. If there’s someone I’m comfortable being unfiltered with and that person is comfortable being unfiltered in front of 20 million listeners, I’d definitely do it. As it was the first season, we wanted to keep it over different spectrums - cricket, authors, directors, actors, musicians. We wanted to keep a mix with those who have their own standing and are known to be unfiltered. This is the wish list we had and we’re happy it’s fulfilled.