Neil declares: JAIL is Madhur's best film

Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
10/23/2009 2:12:59 PM


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While it is expected that a cast member loves his upcoming film the most, Neil Nitin Mukesh insists that when he claims JAIL to be Madhur Bhandarkar's best, he says it as an audience rather than an actor.

'See, I cannot deny the fact that most of us actors out here are narcissists. We love to see ourselves on screen, criticize ourselves and look for things that audiences may not perhaps see. This is why time and again it becomes difficult to take an objective call on the films that we do. However, when it comes to JAIL, I could actually completely disassociate myself from the part that I played and instead look at the film as a complete package', says Neil who has enjoyed yet another author backed role in his career.

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'I don't want to sound pompous but personally I feel that this is Madhur Bhandarkar's best film', declares Neil, 'To think of it, this is actually quite a statement since each of his films has been marvellous. Right from CHANDNI BAR to PAGE 3 to FASHION, they all have worked so well. Still, considering the fact the topic of JAIL is so dark and morbid, Madhur has made it a heart wrenching and heart warming affair that would help the audience connect so beautifully.'

The admiration comes from the fact that even though the film is a fortnight away, Neil managed to have a dekko at the rough cut of the film and can't stop gushing over it ever since then.

'I made it a point to see JAIL as an audience and within 10 minutes, it was Parag Dixit (the name of the character that I play) in front of me rather than Neil Nitin Mukesh. I could see all other characters in the film through Parag's eyes and if I could do that in spite of playing that role, I am sure that audiences would be able to appreciate that even more. Once the film got over, I walked up to Madhur and told him that this was his best film till date.'