PARI Anushka Sharma gets inspired again?

Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
8/18/2017 3:33:06 PM

Our dear Anushka, the lovely, bubbly and cool Bollywood babe seems to be inspired dobara (read again)  or say tibara (read and again).


Well, the actor who turned producer with the raw and rusty NH10 got hailed for her fabulous portrayal as the desi KILL BILL but her second production PHILAURI had its shares of stories pointing towards the movie being ‘inspired’ from the Hollywood flick CORPSE BRIDE which the actress denied. Similarly, Anushka’s debut as producer NH10 was also allegedly rumored to be inspired from British 2008 horror –thriller EDEN LAKE. No need to add that the actress denied any influence from the British film.

Her third production PARI is slated for a 2018 release, reportedly the shoot has began and now a close source informs that the movie may be a copy (sorry inspired) of a 2016 Hollywood  supernatural horror BEFORE I WAKE by Mike Flanagan. Interestingly, a Pakistani flick by the same name PARI starring Kavi Khan, Khushi Mahin, Rashid Naaz and Salim Miraj made by Sayed Atif Ali according to our trusted sources shares the same plot of BEFORE I WAKE.

The story goes like this, a couple adopt a child eight years after the death of their son. But the spirit of their dead child gives nightmares to the couple which results in a battle between the mom and the spirit to save the adopted child in which the mom loses the father of the child.

It must be recalled that when the first look of Anushka Sharma’s PARI was out, in which the battered and bruised look of Anushka was getting appreciated, a section of the industry started whispering rumors of Anushka’s character fighting a ghost in the movie. We started digging and our source adds that in the original it was a boy child and in Anushka Sharma’s PARI it can be a girl.  The basic source material of the plot may be the same. Interestingly in PHILLAURI, Anushka played a loving bhooth ( spirit) but here she will fight the evil and go full throttle.

The Pakistani film is ready and slated for October release this year. If it is an inspiration which might be looking at the feel and the way PARI is written in the posters here, it becomes difficult to say who got inspired first – Indian PARI or the neighborhood one.

Well things will be cleared when Anushka’s film will be out for the audience, but right now if we believe the source and go by the rumours the Bollywood lovely, bubbly and undeniably cool Anushka Sharma is inspired again.. PARI (inspired hu mein).