Parineeti Chopra: There's a love triangle between Govinda, Ranveer and me!

Urvi Parikh, Glamsham Editorial
11/10/2014 3:11:13 PM

Just like Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra too is a Govinda admirer! Ask Parineeti how was it dancing with Govinda to ‘Bol Beliya’ in KILL DIL and she discloses, “Bhaiyaji’s (Govinda) world was shot before I could shoot for KILL DIL. And when it comes to dancing, Govinda can do it in his sleep as well. In fact not just dancing, he can do anything and it is amazing. So when I came for the shoot, all the crew members were pressurizing me saying that Chi Chi bhaiya, as Govinda is fondly called, has done amazing, so you better do nicely. I was very nervous and I was like I have to do a good job. I was concentrating on expressions, my dancing and others things. Govinda’s dance is all about expressions so I decided to just play with them. And at the end he came and told me 'Beta tune acha kiya' so I am happy.”

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While everybody had expected Ranveer and Govinda to groove to a peppy number, Parineeti’s dance with the actor came as a surprise. Quiz Parineeti about it and she says, “I was very happy when I learnt that Ranveer wouldn’t get to dance with Govinda ji. And as a matter of fact, Ranveer Singh should be jealous of me getting to dance with Govinda!”

Interestingly, with the look and feel of the film, one may suspect a love triangle between Parineeti, Ranveer and Govinda in the film. However, Parineeti clarifies, “No there is no love triangle. I am just Ranveer’s love interest. But yes, in real life there is a love triangle between Ranveer, Govinda ji and me. We both keep fighting over who is a bigger fan of Govinda ji. We keep talking things which even he doesn’t remember. I am going to be sad when these promotions get over. Just yesterday when we were together during promotions, Ranveer and I looked at each other and we realized that the same thought came across to both of us. We couldn’t believe that we were standing with ‘The Govinda’ and listening to his stories. It is such a surreal feeling. And he is killing it with two back-to-back films.”

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Parineeti adds further and shares her experience of working with Govinda. “Govinda was brilliant in the 8 minute scene. He did it in one shot. Every line he delivered was different. He went from being funny to angry to giving a slap to having tears in his eyes. It was like a play and not a film shoot. You have to watch the film for that shot. It is like a master class. Though I wasn’t present while Govinda shot for this scene, I saw it yesterday and I had goose bumps. I had tears in my eyes. I don’t have many scenes with him so I got to see him shoot just one day but that was like a lifetime of a class. It is a surreal feeling to be with him every day. I am a huge Govinda fan and to just be able to kiss him, hug him and love him is great.”

Directed by Shaad Ali and produced by Yash Raj Films, KILL DIL releases on November 14, 2014.