Perizad co-stars with 'A Clockwork Orange' hero

By Subhash K. Jha, IANS
22 Nov, 2004 30:05:00 AM
While Mallika Sherawat crowed about her supposed international breakthrough in a stunt flick with Jackie Chan, Perizad Zorabian quietly went ahead and made a truly international film with Malcolm McDowell, star of Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange".

Download Perizad Zorabian WallpapersDirector Lawrence Postma's film "Exits" casts Perizad as an ambitious Indian beauty queen, Ravina, who is discovered by a multimillionaire, played by the renowned Malcolm McDowell.

"I can't believe I co-starred with Malcolm McDowell. This is the guy who did 'A Clockwork Orange', 'Time After Time', 'Caligula' and 'O Lucky Man'. 'Oh Lucky Woman!' I said to myself," exulted Perizad.

McDowell's character offers Ravina the chance to be in the first reality video game.

"It's a film about a game-within-a-game. While a game is played between me and McDowell, there is a video game being developed. But in real life, I play no games," giggled Perizad.

Perizad asserted that Ravina is the most sensuous character she has played so far.

"Perizad Zorabian enters a world she has never seen. My character is extremely intelligent. She uses her intelligence and sensuality to get what she wants. I like this gal!" said the chirpy actress.

Download Perizad Zorabian WallpapersWith "Exits" slated to have a worldwide release shortly, Perizad revealed that she intends to build an international career. She has hired a top agent in Britain.

"Friends tell me that my personality cannot be slotted into any nationality. As long as I work on my accent, I can play anyone. I guess my looks, which limit me in India, can open up a whole new world for me, abroad," said the star of "Jogger's Park".

"Victor Bannerjee, Shabana Azmi, Malcolm McDowell. I guess I'm blessed with actors who have helped me grow as a person and an artiste. I get pitched against legends and I come out unscathed.

"And when you work with such actors, you take away something or the other at the end," concluded Perizad.