Pooja Bhatt vents anger against Akshay Kumar's HOLIDAY

Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial
2/12/2014 7:45:36 PM

Actor and filmmaker Pooja Bhatt is extremely peeved with the title of Akshay Kumar's films. Reason? Well, incidentally two of his films bear the same name, which Pooja had decided upon. And the films that we are talking about are THANK YOU and HOLIDAY.

While she made HOLIDAY way back in 2006, Pooja had registered the title of THANK YOU for a remake of her father Mahesh Bhatt's film ARTH. However, the film name was later used by filmmaker Anees Bazmee.


As the trailer of Akshay Kumar's latest outing HOLIDAY - A soldier is never off duty released; Pooja immediately took to a micro-blogging site and vented her spleen with a series of scathing comments, produced below...

''First THANK YOU then HOLIDAY! Akshay Kumar's producers have an affinity for the titles of my films.Gentle Reminder- 'Karma can be a bitch'! Vipul Shah approached me for HOLIDAY & I refused. He approached Guild-Rejected.Next stop?IMPPA where he registered HOLIDAY with a tag line.

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It certainly was a BO dud,that is why I can't release the title before all revenue avenues are exploited.Owe that to my partners. I am fighting a lone battle still with regards to THANK YOU. The HOLIDAY issue proves nothing has changed,the rot remains & might is right!

Bollywood wants Industry status? What for? There was a time when your 'word' mattered. Now even contracts don't matter. It's a free for all.

This is not about UTV or Vipul Shah per se. This is about a larger issue.Why register titles if anyone can hijack them anytime they wish?''