Priyadarshan: I make films for 'aam junta'

Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
11/26/2009 3:24:51 PM



Priyadarshan has made many a successful films over the years. However, despite all the accolades he has gathered, including a National Award for his much acclaimed KAANCHIVARAM, he is sure that his target audience is the common man. This is why he refrains from making films that are targeted at multiplexes audiences.

"Call it my lower middle class upbringing but I make films for the 'aam junta'. I believe films work when it's this segment of audiences that appreciates them. It's the common man that makes a film successful. This is why I don't make films for the multiplexes", declares Priyadarshan who is now ready with DE DANA DAN.

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His last couple of movies - BILLU (2009) and MERE BAAP PEHLE AAP (2008) - didn't do much wonders at the box office. However, prior to them, he has enjoyed an impeccable record with BHOOL BHULAIYAA (2007), DHOL (2007), BHAGAM BHAG (2006), MALAMAAL WEEKLY (2006) and GARAM MASALA (2005) hitting the bull's eye. In the interim, his CHUP CHUP KE (2006) did average business but KYON KI (2005) bombed.

"As a film maker, you have to look at presenting a story that connects with the audiences. When I make a HERA PHERI, I have to see to it that audiences feel they can be an Akshay or a Paresh or a Suniel. A common man should be able to enjoy the struggle on screen and draw real life references", philosophizes Priyadarshan as he shares further 'gyaan' around storytelling.

"Good humour is something that everyone enjoys as long as a film maker doesn't take his audiences for granted. Everyone present in the auditorium comes with some basic IQ at least, so let's not try to fool him. I expect people to enjoy the film since it is an ultimate situational comedy. This is the reason why MALAMAAL WEEKLY worked as well", he says.