Questions on homosexuality irk Onir

Rachana, Glamsham Editorial
13 Mar, 2011 09:12:07 AM

After showcasing homosexuality in his 2005 acclaimed film MY BROTHER NIKHIL, filmmaker Onir once again highlights the topic through his upcoming film I AM. However, Onir is upset with the fact that people only look at one aspect of his films and tend to ignore other important details whereas his films are much more than just homosexuality.

Questions back Onir, "Both the films are totally different. Will you ever ask an Anees Bazmee that why all his films deal with heterosexual relationship? Or in how many films did Salman Khan played lover to a woman? You will never ask these questions because people love to stereotype."



He further adds, "I AM has compilation of four different stories and homosexuality is one of its themes. It only forms one fourth part of the entire film. There are other elements like love, respect, happiness, fearless attitude and mind, etc. What is common in all my films which people refused to see is that women characters are so strong in my films but no one will ever ask me that."

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The prolific filmmaker loves to explore the issues and subjects which are not brought in public eye very frequently.

"I like to tell unique stories. I don't like to tell what everyone else is telling. Every story is a journey for me, for my own growth as a filmmaker, as a human being, discover more about life and other people. No mainstream film has been made which deals with child sexual abuse. Whereas 53% children according to ministry of health and UNICEF are abused in India. Why don't we talk about it? So these are stories which are actually happening all around us. And if someone like me stands up to address it what's the harm in it?" Onir said.

Onir's I AM releases on 22nd April.