Rakhi Sawant: I have forgiven Dhanush

Glamsham Editorial
4/18/2012 4:23:45 PM

Drama queen Rakhi Sawant, who was so called 'upset' with Dhanush some days back, is now all gung-ho about the southern superstar.

Well, it so happened that Rakhi and Dhanush were supposed to perform at an event on the song 'Kolaveri Di'. But, it couldn't happen as Dhanush had to cancel it at the last moment due to some other commitments. And hence, the lady was bit pissed off on him.


However, Rakhi at a recent event addressed the media saying, "I love Dhanush and Rajinikanth. I don't want to comment on him because I really liked his song. Whatever he did to me, it's okay. I have forgiven him. In fact, he called me later and said that he didn't had time and hence, couldn't make it. Maybe it's because his film was also going to release, but he said that next time he will do it."

Moreover, the lady further added, "Actually he thinks that he can't dance and he thought that I will overshadow him. That's why he did this, but I love his song,"

Well, what more can we say on this!!