Remembering R.D.Burman

Mansoor Khan, Glamsham Editorial
1/4/2014 10:28:24 AM

Tere bina zindagi se koi shikwa to nahi...,
Tere bina zindagi bhi lekin zindagi to nahin

Apt words because RD Burman's music may be around us but truly his absence is strongly felt. On his 9th death anniversary, which falls on January 4, 2014, Glamsham.Com pays homage to the musical genius and unravels an unknown piece from his eventful life.

R.D.Burman better known as 'Pancham,' got his first break with Mehmood's home production CHOTE NAWAB. How, he got his debut movie is an interesting tale.


Film actor Mehmood who was the producer of this movie shared a very warm relationship with R. D. Burman's father, S.D.Burman. Burman dada, too, showered all his affection on him like his own son.

Hence in the mid 60's when Mehmood decided to begin his home production with his maiden movie CHOTE NAWAB he didn't have to think twice about its music director. It was quite obvious he would take S. D. Burman but when he approached Burman dada to do his film, Dada refused it point blank. Reason - S. D. Burman was then one of the top most music directors and he was engaged in many top notch movies. Secondly Mehmood being a debutant into film production, dada, avoided him. However Mehmood was deeply hurt.

Nevertheless next day he returned to Burman dada's residence, seeing him back, Burman dada, was wild and he angrily fired at Mehmood ''Arre! Main bol diya na mein teri picture nahin karoonga. Phir kyon aaya hai? (I have told you that I will not do your film, than why have you come?)

Mehmood countered ''I am not here to sign you. I am signing Pancham! Aagar baap nahi, to beta chalega!''( If it's not father then I will manage with son)

''Arre pagala! Pancham abhi baccha hain.Tu kisi aur ko kyon nahi le letha?'' (You are crazy Pancham is still young, why don't you take some other music director?) Replied dada with all his fondness but Mehmood was adamant and he told Burman dada ''If you don't work with newcomers, no problem. I work with newcomers''.

When S. D. Burman heard the film's music he was very pleased. Congratulating Mehmood he said ''Wah re tune to kamal kar diya! Aab jab picture banayega to mujhe sangeet ke liye lega na?'' (Great! You have done a good job... Next time when you make the movie will you offer me the music?)