RGV: I have never worked on too many parallel projects

Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
4 Sep, 2009 44:07:11 PM



AGYAAT is a thing of the past and Ram Gopal Varma has quietly moved on his next project - RAKTA CHARITRA. In between both these films, the principal shooting of RANN is through and the film is looking at an early 2010 release. With three releases each in 2007 (RAM GOPAL VARMA KI AAG, DARLING, NISHABD) and 2008 (SARKAR RAJ, CONTRACT, PHOONK) and now number of movies in different stages of production (RANN, RAKTA CHARITRA, WARNING), is the 'factory' seeing its machinery back in place?

"See, I may announce a film but then there are so many steps that one takes from getting the idea in place to releasing the film in theaters. I may get an idea and announce a film around it. Meanwhile I get the script, cast and crew in place which does take its own time. However, media starts writing that I am making a film and it starts looking as if I am working on all these projects simultaneously. This is what happened when I spoke about RAKTA CHARITRA and WARNING", says Ramu who is undeterred by the short run of AGYAAT in theaters. Reason being that the producers made a table profit even before the first show was screened!

Talking about his various projects in production, Ramu says, "I begin work on RAKTA CHARITRA and only when I am through with it would I begin work on my 3D film WARNING with Riteish Deshmukh. That's what I did in case of RANN to where I began shooting only after wrapping up AGYAAT. Technically, I have never worked on too many parallel projects and it's going to remain this way."