Saif Ali Khan: LAK is even better when seen the second time

Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
8/5/2009 7:41:27 PM

view LOVE AAJ KAL movie stills

view LOVE AAJ KAL movie stills


LOVE AAJ KAL is a HIT and what's making it a success today is the repeat viewing that this Imtiaz Ali directed film is enjoying. No wonder, Saif Ali Khan is enjoying the verdict given by the audience and is encouraging them to watch it all over again.

'Believe me, there are so many nuances that you would catch in the film when you will watch it the second time around', says Saif in an excited tone, 'The film comes with an acquired pace and you get more familiar with the characters when you hear them conversing all over again.'


The film wasn't a straight forward watch though considering the fact that it didn't have a routine screenplay. Hence, one had to follow the proceedings quite closely.

'That's right', agrees Saif, 'The film has once-in-a-lifetime kind of a screenplay. By no means was it run-of-the-mill due to which it required a closer watch throughout. While watching LOVE AAJ KAL you can't be expected to munch your popcorn, send SMSs and make phone calls. You miss a scene or two and you would feel out of sync with what's happening on the screen. You need to have far bigger concentration.'