Salman Khan proves that stars and fans are made for each other

Glamsham Editorial
2/15/2017 2:52:10 PM

Certainly stars and their fans are made for each other. Salman Khan is set to prove this by fulfilling the wish of the world’s fattest woman Eman Ahmed Abdulati.


The 36-year old Egyptian Eman Ahmed Abdulati is a 500 kg woman undergoing treatment in Mumbai's Saifee Hospital for a life-saving bariatric procedure.

Media reported the condition of the world’s fattest woman through which Bollywood SULTAN came to know about Eman Ahmed Abdulati desire to meet her icon Salman Khan.

Lady luck smiled on Eman as her bariatric surgeon, Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala also happens to be Salman Khan’s family physician.

Salman’s father Salim has been reportedly quoted saying, “We have learnt of her desire. Salman will certainly meet her. An actor would to go to any lengths to fulfill the desire of such a patient. But so far, we haven't received any official request from the hospital. As soon as we receive one, Salman will go to meet her.”

It’s just a matter of formality now as Dr. Lakdawala will be sending an invite to Salman Khan very soon and the ‘dabangg’ Khan will give his ‘darshan’ (will meet in person) to his disciple Eman Ahmed Abdulati.