Sanah Kapoor: Alia & I always had each other's back

Jahnavi Patel, Glamsham Editorial
10/20/2015 4:45:51 PM
Alia Bhatt & Sanah Kapoor, who will be seen as sisters in Vikas Bahl’s upcoming film SHAANDAAR seemed to have got along like a house on fire! And by what they have to say, it looks like the two gorgeous girls were too protective about each other too!


In a recent interview, Alia said, “Sanah is playing my older sister in the film. It is her debut and I’m very fond of Sanah because it was her first film and I’ve done around four films. So obviously, that instinctive protective feeling will be there towards a newcomer because I know, when I was a newcomer, people were very protective & warm towards me. So that is something that I’ve maintained.”

Alia also added, “Also, Sanah is very sweet. She’s also a very good actress. She’s her father’s (Pankaj Kapur) daughter and her brother’s (Shaid Kapoor) sister at the end of the day. That’s why acting runs in her blood. She’s a very natural & spontaneous actor.”

We then contacted Sanah and asked her if there was any particular incident that took place where Alia has been protective towards her, to this she said, “It was just our chemistry that worked really well because we hadn’t met before the film ever. We met and kind of clicked. In the film also you’ll see that we sisters are very protective about each other. We’re very caring and the bond that we share is very strong. And I think that happened for us in real life also, luckily. We were both just protective about each other and really cared about each other. So we kind of always had each other’s back which was very nice. But there isn’t like a specific incident but in general it just felt like you had somebody who will take care of things and I think this was for both of us.”

We also told her that Alia called her a very good actress. To this, Sanah, being the sweetheart she is, said, “Thank you so much, Alia is adorably sweet. It always feels good no matter who turns around and tells you. Even if a fan of yours or an audience member appreciates your work or thinks that you’ve done a god job, it feels really good. I’m so glad that she said that. She’s really kind and very nice to me.”

Looks like the girls really bonded well on the set and we’re sure their awesome chemistry is going to reflect in the film too!