Sequel to MERE DAD KI MARUTI on offer

Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
5/14/2013 6:50:04 PM

In this era of sequels, the market is abuzz with the rumors that a sequel of MERE DAD KI MARUTI is on offer which would be christened as MERE DAD KI MARUTI 2 and when that happens, if is not the premise, it indeed could be perhaps first such experimentation in the history of Indian cinema where a brand would be the catalyst for a sequel. But MERE DAD KI MARUTI is indeed going to be a live example of how a well-established brand, when used imaginatively as a part of the content of the film can create a win-win situation for everyone associated with movie making. Goes without saying, it is YRF banner that has again taken the lead in creating this novel model of film making.

download MERE DAD KI MARUTI wallpapers
download MERE DAD KI MARUTI wallpapers

In these troubled times, when scoring hit at the box office is becoming a difficult proposition, the experimentation that was undertaken through MERE DAD KI MARUTI indeed can be used as a successful case study in financing and ensuring that the film is a hit. Here is the learning for the filmmakers who may like to go in for such kind of financial arrangement to ensure that their investments are secured and they can continue to dream of making money:

Use a generic brand as a part of the narrative, as it was done in MERE DAD KI MARUTI- Use of Maruti which is symptomatic of inspirations and hope of middle class India from the time Maruti debuted in 1982

Generic brand has a pan India publicity network so leveraging on the network, without spending too much on the publicity, the buzz about the film can be created all over the country, as it happened with MDKM where Maruti dealership network was put into action to publicize the film.

When a generic brand is used in a film, the brand owner pays to the producer for using the brand and it covers more than fifty percent of the film making cost, e.g. MDKM costed Rs. 10 crore, of which Rs. 6 crore was paid by Maruti to YRF films.

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It would be more so beneficial if a new product from the generic brand is used in the content and it indeed creates the buzz about the product which no other campaign can do. In MDKM, Ertiga the new product of Maruti was used and it was the biggest SUV seller last year. Pertinent to make it a point that Maruti last year had pumped in more than 350 crore to push Ertiga, but one brand positioning with investment of 6 crore made it fastest selling car which a campaign of investment worth 350 crore could not do.

A story that is built around an automobile which has a sense of identity as a generic brand could be a safe bet or the brand could be aspirational. India is the only country right now where brands from world over are coming over to make their presence felt, and for new breed of directors and filmmakers it provides an excellent opportunity to carve their niche in cinema, Ashish Patil, Business and Creative Head of YRF Films would vouch for it.

Yes, when a film is being planned around a generic brand, it should not have stars but actors, so that the brand is not overpowered by the star power.

MERE DAD KI MARUTI has changed the paradigms of filmmaking where advertiser is funding cinema, and for a filmmaker there would not be a much better platform to make films than advertiser coming forward to support it, as it is neat money and clean money.