Sexy Sunny shows her emotional side

Jahnavi Patel, Glamsham Editorial
18 Mar, 2015 40:10:29 PM
It is always difficult to deal with the loss of a near & dear one. Bollywood actress Sunny Leone, who lost her mother 7 years back too misses her mother & wishes she was a part of her life to see how far she has come in life.


She got onto a microblogging site to express her feeling. She wrote, “7yrs have past & it still feels like yesterday that my mother looked at me for the last time. She closed her eyes and never woke up again :(“

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“The saddest part is always a selfish one. I wish she was a part of my life to see how far I have come in life. Hear her say my name just once,” she further added.

We guess this is the first time we got to see a very different (and emotional) side of Sunny Leone.