Shahid Kapoor: I don't take myself too seriously

Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
9/7/2009 12:15:16 PM

view DIL BOLE HADIPPA videos

view DIL BOLE HADIPPA videos

These are hectic times for Shahid Kapoor. Barely has he come out of the release of KAMINEY that he is getting occupied with the promotion of DIL BOLE HADIPPA. After the film's release he would be flying off to US for the shooting of Parmeet Sethi's film for Yash Raj and would return to promote CHANCE PE DANCE which is being planned for 6th November release. Isn't it scary to have so much happening so soon?

"May be not scary but quite tiring for sure. Yes, the law of averages factor does play on your mind though. After all Sachin (Tendulkar) also gets out on duck sometimes. Biggest people get flops and who knows; even I may suffer from one tomorrow. Yes, with so much happening around me, I am growing for sure and that's what that matters eventually", says Shahid who is still not ready to announce from the rooftops that he is after all one of the most reliable actors that we have in Bollywood today.

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"And that's because I don't take myself too seriously. Arrey yaar kaam achcha karna chahiye and uske liye role achche choose karne chahiye", he smiles, "That's my endeavour since I have to choose roles quite carefully now. The idea is to have complete focus on the projects that I green light and for that even if I have to wait, I will. I am still not going to be signing projects in dozens and would rather do less but good."

Later this year Shahid would be beginning to work in his dad's (Pankaj Kapoor) film.

"Yes, that would be my next film for which I begin shooting", states Shahid, "I am mixing up different kind of roles and after the world of HADIPPA and CHANCE PE DANCE, it would be nice to get into the kind of set up that my dad creates."