Shekhar Suman tries to mock a 'cocained actress' gets roasted instead

Pooja Sharma, Glamsham Editorial
3/1/2017 4:30:59 PM
Shekhar Suman posted a very nasty comment on a micro-blogging site about a ‘cocained’ actress’ recent failure and compared this with poetic justice. Though Suman didn’t mention anyone’s name, but his comments were apparently taking a dig at Kangana Ranaut (who also happened to date his son once) and her recent flop film RANGOON.   

But unknowingly Suman shot himself in foot as the social media users roasted him for making fun of a national award winner and someone who is more famous than him and his son.

When Kangana’s fans trolled Suman his son jumped in to save him but his indecent comments attracted more fans to roast him as well.

Read their conversation here: