Sibte Hassan Rizvi to produce Indo-British collaboration!

By Manisha Deshpande
11/2/2004 12:00:00 AM
Producer Sibte Hassan Rizvi, who had last burnt his fingers in 'WAH TERA KYA KEHNA', is negotiating with a British production company for making two English-Hindi bilinguals. "I am among the few producers who have tied up with U.K based production companies for making joint venture productions. I decided to go for it when I realized that the distribution scene was pretty dismal here and it wasn't exactly viable signing stars at big prices without knowing the future of the film", Rizvi  states.

"I had a bitter experience with director Manoj Agarwal and Govinda in the film, both of whom changed the script without my consent and ruined the film in the process. It has taught me a lesson never to trust anyone in life", adds Rizvi, who is unable to get over the losses he faced in the film.

According to Rizvi, with most distributors abstaining from buying medium budget and expensive films, regular producers are now exploring the alternative of making films with foreign collaboration, instead of investing in stars and run-of-the-mill projects. He points out that there are certain pre-conditions to be met for making a film with Indo-U.K. collaboration. One of them is that 60 percent of the film should be shot in London and the other being that the script should be jointly arrived at between the two writers. "No doubt London is an expensive place to shoot but at the end of the day it is still a better deal than the insecurity most producers face here", he says.

He is currently working on the international cast of his untitled film, which will have Indian and English names in it.