Southern storm Nitin Reddy to hit Bollywood!

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7/28/2009 2:13:40 PM

view AGYAAT-THE UNKNOWN movie stills

view AGYAAT-THE UNKNOWN movie stills

Nobody's perfect, eh? Think about it again. What's a perfect package in Bollywood? Someone who is handsome and stylish, is muscular, can act well, and dance well too? Well, maybe only Hrithik Roshan falls under that category. No, not just him.

There is the Telugu films sensation Nitin also who can give anyone a run for his style and good looks. And, the young gun has been signed on by none other than Ram Gopal Varma for his next - AGYAAT.

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RGV was super impressed by Nitin after watching him in his Telugu film HERO. Nitin is tall, dark and handsome has an eight pack body, he s a wonderful dancer and a great actor as well! He is definitely going to prove a big-time threat to all the Bollywood heroes. He has this bad boy charm and hot looks that is going to fans galore. And, he is debuting in Bollywood with a thriller, so he is going to establish himself as his stallion too!

So move over, all numero unos of Bollywood. Make way for Nitin. As he is all 'Reddy' to sizzle here.