Sowmya: My MJ tribute due respect for Jackson & Sonu!

Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
9/1/2009 5:30:17 PM

Strangers coming together to create a beautiful, rare tribute song to the great Michael Jackson, thanks to the initiative taken by singing superstar Sonu Niigaam.

Each step of song-making, both lyrically and musically, was put up on his fanpage, and everything about the project has been a public exercise. It is a gift to the world, and iTunes will run it for free downloads to attract maximum attention. Almost all those involved in the project have met only through Sonu Niigaam's Facebook Fanpage. And that's what makes the whole project unique.

As is by now well known, one of Bollywood's top crooner, Sowmya Raoh has co-written the MJ Tribute song. When we talked to a visibly happy Sowmya (due to the overwhelming global response) she disclosed, ''The reason for me to get involved in the project is genuine respect for both, Michael Jackson and Sonu Niigaam. And everyone involved in the project has done it out of pure love for MJ.''

Great to hear about a new side of this versatile singer, whose songs in films like WELCOME and KRAZZY 4 are still quite popular. Here's looking forward to her latest probable hit track ''Beautiful Woman'' from David Dhawan's upcoming DO KNOT DISTURB.