Subhash Ghai's KAANCHI feels hesitant to perform with Rishi Kapoor

Glamsham Editorial
4/29/2013 5:49:43 PM

While shooting for a particular scene with Rishi Kapoor for the upcoming film KAANCHI..., newbie Mishti, Subhash Ghai's find, had to sprinkle water on his face. Knowing the big star Rishi Kapoor is, Mishti was a little nervous to do so.

view KAANCHI stills
view KAANCHI stills

They had to do a couple of retakes but Rishi took it sportingly and smiled back and made Mishti comfortable. The shot was then easily canned and Mishti heaved a sigh of relief with it.

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Directed by Subhash Ghai KAANCHI also stars Kartik Tiwari, is releasing on 30th August, 2013.