Suparn: Cast members used to offer each other their lines!

Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
10/7/2009 4:28:39 PM

download ACID FACTORY wallpapers

download ACID FACTORY wallpapers

With Sanjay Gupta's big star cast venture, ACID FACTORY, being directed by whiz man, Suparn Verma, all set to release this Friday, we were very curious to know how he (Suparn) managed the show. In fact, more than managing the schedules of so many well known stars, we were more keen to know if there were any ego hassles or clashes between them.

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However, on the contrary, Suparn had something very interesting to tell us about the bonhomie amongst the stars on the sets of ACID FACTORY. He said, "The entire cast gelled fabulously and even those whose shots were over, used to stay back to watch others shooting. There were no insecurities, no fear of being overshadowed by the other. And after watching a particular canned shot (on the monitor), they even offered each other their lines, which they felt fitted the other more than themselves. It was this spirit which has seen the film through despite its lavish mounting and huge star cast"

Well Suparn, we remember that you told us how you preferred to build an ACID FACTORY (at Ramoji Rao Studio) in order to get the look right, and now this piece of information about the super team spirit between the stars spells good news for ACID FACTORY, which should surely be a thrilling experience indeed.