Sushant Rajput comes to Kriti's rescue in the ongoing fairness cream debate

Pooja Sharma, Glamsham Editorial
4/17/2017 6:49:50 PM

The debate surrounding celebrities endorsing fairness products is heating up day by day. At the trailer launch of RAABTA, actor Sushant Singh was asked about his opinion on this debate to which he replied, “Nahi hona chahiye aisa. As responsible actors and citizens we should not in any ways endorse or prefer one tone of the skin tone over the other.”

The actor answered the question gracefully however his RAABTA co-star Kriti refrained from answering the question (she did that probably because she herself has endorsed a fairness cream brand in past).

Also the RAABTA team was asked about their opinion on Indian Naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav, who has been awarded death penalty by Pakistani court charges of spying, to which director Dinesh said that it was not a right time and place to discuss that question.


Kriti’s silence on this issue irked one reporter and she directed her rage towards the actress being mum on a question which according to her was not a personal question but one that is based on national interest.

Sushant Singh very politely answered the question by saying, “Well I think somebody should not give his/ her opinion if he/she is very well informed about the topic, because it is a sensitive thing so you need to be well informed about it.”

The actor went on to add, “In order to condemn something you need to be responsible enough to know the facts. “

At this point his co-star Jim joined him and said, “May be we haven’t read enough to give a proper answer.”

However the reporter didn’t budge from her stand and this offended Sushant who said further, “It is nowhere written that a public figure should know anything or everything about a given topic.”

Sushant does have a valid point there. Why the media does always seeks answers for such questions from a star? On top of that if the star refuses to comment on a said topic then what’s the need to poke him/her against their wish?

There are certain topics on which the view of a public figure does matter but why their view on each and every topic of national interest matters? Isn’t it their prerogative to express their views or keep mum on a given topic?