Tanushree's tryst with veggie python!

Abid, Glamsham Editorial
11/11/2010 6:52:12 PM



This Friday will see the release of Tanushree Dutta's animation and SFX extravaganza, RAMAA-THE SAVIOUR. The film, set in the exotic Thailand, has utilized the services of a number of animals. The list includes, giraffe, cheetah and last but not the least a massive python. And who had to shoot with the python at close quarters? Well, your guess is as good as ours!

It was none other than the ravishing Bong beauty Tanushree Dutta, who for one of the scenes had to shoot with the python very close to her face. So over to Tanu for an interesting and hilarious first hand account of what actually transpired on the sets.

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Says Tanushree, "Actually I was very scared as the python was very close to my face and despite the presence (thankfully!) of the trainer I was like 'OMG what if it swallows me?' But then much to our relief and amusement of all the python turned out to be totally vegetarian! In fact for one of the scenes the poor creature had to swallow a frog and it just couldn't! The trainer and others fed him vegetarian delights but the python just wouldn't budge from its veggie stance. Somehow, they did manage to picturise the scene. Don't ask me how. But yes, it was quite an experience!"

Interesting and amusing one must say. We are happy that the much awaited RAMAA-THE SAVIOUR is finally here and given the efforts and pains the cast and crew had to face in harsh and unfriendly territories, we are sure it will translate into a good success for all concerned