The Faith...In Rakht

7/1/2004 12:00:00 AM
Ever wonder what it would be like to know what the future holds? Are you ever intrigued by the thought of visiting an
astrologer or a tarot card reader? Well this is the trend these days all over, maybe because there is so much chaos that surrounds us, or maybe it is our demanding lifestyles, but these days? tarot card readers are in demand!!

Tapping into this trend Popcorn Motion Pictures has made a blockbuster entry this summer with their magnum opus Rakht. This movie is bound to set your pulse racing a mile a minute with its eerie and supernatural theme. In keeping with this theme the stars in Rakht spoke about how they felt about the unknown.

Dusky beauty and leading lady Biapasha Basu said, ? I believe in tarot card readers. There have been elements of truth in whatever they have told me about myself, things which even my family is not aware of. I always keep the positive talk in my mind, because that is what keeps me going in weak moments.?

Another ardent believer in tarot card readings is the very hot and sexy Amrita Arora who says, ? Tarot card readings give me a sense of excitement and thrill me to no end. I was very energized with the theme of Rakht because it is a subject that is so close to my heart.?