Transformation of damsels into divas through the magic wand of Yash Chopra

Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
10/23/2012 7:01:15 PM

Yash Chopra's career in cinema can be divided into three phases; the first phase was when he was directing under the baton of his brother in the era of black and white films. Second phase of his cinematic oeuvre started with DAAG and it had a rather successful run with such wonderful hits like DEEWAR, TRISHUL KABHI KABHIE etc. But with SAWAL, NAKHUDA and MASHAL not making grand success at the box office, he went low and then started his most successful phase in his cinematic oeuvre, which established him as the cult producer and director of Hindi cinema for all times to come.

This phase was launched with CHANDNI and the characteristic feature of this phase was the predominant role the female film stars were given in the films being made under the Yash Raj Films banner. In fact, so ethereally and so beautifully where they packaged in his films that all heroines of substance yearned to act under the banner. Here is a look at the third phase through the heroines who got transformed and gained cult status after acting under his banner.


CHANDNI AND LAMHE: Till the time Sridevi acted under YSR banner, she was known more as a siren from the South but she evolved into a pan-Indian heroine with CHANDNI and with LAMHE she became the heartthrob of the nation never to look back. The element of aesthetics that was lacking in her persona found manifestation through these two iconic films.