Venus strikes deal with Star Plus for HULCHUL, ELAAN!

By Manisha Deshpande
2 Dec, 2004 30:05:00 AM
Download Hulchul WallpapersThe distribution market may not seem very promising at the moment with a majority of distributors exercising caution when it comes to offering high prices for films but thanks to the satellite market, producers can definitely look forward to a good price for their films. Take the example of the Jains of Venus, who opted to release the film themselves through a distribution network, since they were not getting the price that they were seeking for the film. 

Venus has now struck a promising deal with Star Plus for the satellite rights of both HULCHUL and ELAAN, which have been reportedly sold for an exceptional price. The deal is being looked upon as a major achievement for Star Plus too, which has lined up the telecast of several recently released films in the coming months. "I would say that it is only a deserving price considering the encouraging box-office response for HULCHUL," says Ganesh Jain of Venus. Jain also agrees that the satellite territory has become a lucrative one in recent times, with films drawing a good price in the satellite market.