Vivek Oberoi: The master gangster!

Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
6/26/2009 11:44:45 AM



With his very first film, Ram Gopal Varma's COMPANY (2002), Vivek Oberoi proved that he was the master gangster, excelling in his role as Chandu, and thus giving an actor of the caliber of Ajay Devgan a run for his money. He did an encore with Apoorva Lakhia's SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA (2007), playing the dreaded gangster Maya Dolas with aplomb.

So, what is it about Vivek Oberoi that makes him a gangster to reckon with, on -screen. And who better than mentor Ram Gopal Varma (who recognized this talent in Vivek and gave him his first break) to answer our query.

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As per the iconoclastic director- Vivek's eyes have that remarkable intensity as well as vulnerability that was needed for the role of Chandu, in COMPANY. Ramu adds that Vivek exudes strong energy as well as tender emotions through his expressive eyes and this combination is rare when compared to other actors. And that is precisely the reason why Ramu has chosen him to play the main lead, Paritala Ravi, in his next gangster flick, RAKTA CHARITRA. What is worth mentioning here is that Ramu had photo shoots of Vivek in various poses to see whether he fits in with the strong character of Paritala Ravi, and found them to be very appropriate and to his liking. Only then, he offered the role to Vivek!

Here's hoping and wishing that Vivek gives another scintillating gangster performance in RAKTA CHARITRA!