Who said small movies meant sure shot success?

Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News Network
3 Apr, 2009 30:05:00 AM



Box office collections of the three films that had released a fortnight back have proven once again that just making a small film in a controlled budget with a decent star cast is not the readymade recipe for a box office success. One look at the horrific collections of FIRAAQ, STRAIGHT and BARAH AANA and you know for sure that the script has gone totally wrong when it comes to offbeat/middle of the road/new wave/multiplex cinema.

In fact what's worse is that each of the three films struggled to complete first week at the box office and were hardly in the running in the second week. Now how bad it could be from here for Bollywood which is seeing disasters after disasters with every passing week.

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Let's look at FIRAAQ first. You can't have a film of yours released with a couple of quotes from some big celebrities with their 4/5 star ratings shining bright on the posters. A trip to a couple of film festivals too can't help much if you don't promote your film enough to reach out to your target audience. Result is there to be seen with box office collections not even touching the 1 crore mark. Now you can't expect things to improve from this point on!

Same holds good for BARAH AANA where Aamir Khan liking the film was considered to be good enough endorsement for the film. Come on; now makers can't really be serious that a) this message will actually reach out to masses overnight and b) that would really impress them enough to shell out 1000 odd bucks for a visit of two to the theaters! Result? Another flop that will find it difficult to touch the 1 crore mark.

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STRAIGHT - now this movie could have probably held on a little better had it been reasonably promoted at the least. However, for some stranger reasons, perhaps the makers felt that the name Vinay Pathak will be good enough to stare from the posters and get people excited on day one of the film's release. Now BHEJA FRY doesn't happen every Friday and by the way, the film has to be a good watch as well, something that STRAIGHT wasn't, as reflected in near 1 crore that the film managed to make at the box office at the end of its first week run.

All small movies, all failures. But now, it will at least stop people from expressing their opinions that 'small is big'. Remember, it could happen sometimes, but not all the time!