Why RGV handed over the sequel reins to PHOONK writer?

Abid, Bollywood Trade News Network
12/11/2009 11:53:50 AM

view PHOONK 2 movie stills

view PHOONK 2 movie stills

The trailers of PHOONK 2 have managed to arouse quite a curiosity amongst patrons of horror movies. Some are likening it to Sony Pictures' THE GRUDGE (2004), which was the first horror film to top the Halloween box office after HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1991).

However, it is surprising for many that even after the mind-blowing success of PHOONK, director Ram Gopal Varma is not wielding the microphone this time around; rather it is the scriptwriter, Milind Gadker, who has been assigned the task of direction. So, what was it that made a thinking director like RGV take such an unpredictable step?

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Well, as per Ramu himself, he explains that when Milind approached him with the script and he heard the first sequence of the film, he was stunned and speechless. He realized that only Milind, being the scriptwriter and knowing all the nuances of the complex script, could do justice to the film and put it across on screen in the right manner. So, he handed over the reins of PHOONK 2 to Milind.

Well, we are sure that Ramu's decision will certainly turn out to be a good one, especially after seeing the promos of the hair-raising horror flick.

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