Zoa is thinking beyond Shahrukh

Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
6/9/2011 7:17:03 PM

Once Zoa Morani heard what writer-director Roshan Abbas wanted to say in his school campus entertainer ALWAYS KABHI KABHI, she immediately consented to playing Nandini (name of her character) in the film. This despite the fact that the Shahrukh Khan production was Roshan's debut effort as a filmmaker.

"I wasn't bothered about the fact that this is Roshan's first film," she says, "The way he narrated the script to me was enough to nod in approval. Also, he isn't someone who is totally new to the world of storytelling. He has done so much of theatre that it was just a matter of making the film for the big screen, that's it. There is something magnetic about the film that attracted me towards it."

download ALWAYS KABHI KABHI wallpaper
download ALWAYS KABHI KABHI wallpaper

Though she has managed to gain a high for herself at the very kick-start of her Bollywood career, Zoa isn't allowing herself to be carried away. While one would have expected that after doing a film for Shahrukh Khan she wouldn't want to settle down for anything lesser, Zoa says that she is open to films with others as well as long as the her basic conditions are met and the film's idea sounds great.

"I think I am not doing to keep such high standards for myself", smiles Zoa, "You don't always need a big actor, a production house or a big director all the time. Sometimes small films also do wonders. I am not going to have that mindset that since I have worked with Shahrukh now, it has to be something equal or closer that I have to start next. First and foremost I myself have to see which all are the areas that I am good at; only after that should I have to start making choices."

With Giselle Monteiro, Ali Fazal and Satyajeet Dubey as the other three leads, ALWAYS KABHI KABHI has music by Pritam and releases all over on 17th June.