5 web-series for young adults to stream this weekend

During the lockdown, digital platforms and OTT platforms saw a significant rise in the number of users, and in the time spent streaming movies and shows

During the lockdown, digital platforms and OTT platforms saw a significant rise in the number of users, and in the time spent streaming movies and shows. Young adults are most active on these platforms, keeping an eye out for what’s new, and constantly on the lookout for interesting content.

In midst of their day-to-day routine, which currently includes attending online classes, submitting online assignments, meeting college mates over group video calls, life has certainly changed because of social distancing becoming a new norm and lifestyle today! From reminiscing about the times when social interactions involved meeting their peers, and having a college crush, to playing pranks on friends and learning life lessons from teachers, there’s a lot that everyone has fond memories of! Here is a list of shows that will bring back those cherished moments, and a smile on your faces, while leaving you grateful for the journey that was, and is perfect to binge-watch over the weekend.

Flames Season 2 by TVFPlay: The stories of four best friends, all attending Sunshine Coaching classes make for beautiful tales of friendship, love, innocence, and learning, as they navigate through college. Starring Ritvik Sahore, and Tanya Maniktala, each episode has a heartfelt message, and life lessons from the professor of the coaching institute, for both parents as well as students alike.


Namooney by Jambo: Anyone who lives in, or has lived in a hostel will definitely relate to the stories brought out in Namooney. The young adult desi animation series revolves around two hostel roommates- Suresh (Sesh) and Neeraj from a fictional engineering college, IIIT Bhandipur. Each episode unfolds stories about their entertaining lives, captures the ups and downs of college life, and adds a touch of drama through Ankit-a talking lizard who lives in their room.

Class of 2020 Season 2 by ALTBalaji: Class of 2020 is an entertaining series that takes you back to your teens, and the ups and downs you faced as a student and those that prepared you for the best in life. If you don’t experience them, you don’t learn from them! This teenage drama narrates a story of how the students of De Nobili High School try to overcome typical teenage problems, like confusion over love and wishes, and choices and dilemmas. These students make a lot of mistakes over the course of the series, but eventually learn something from them.

Only for Singles by MX Player: Only For Singles is a comedy-drama series based in Maximum City-Mumbai. Starring Vivaan Shah, Pooja Banerjee, Aman Uppal, Deepti Sati, Shirin Sewani, and Gulshan Nain the chemistry of these youngsters will keep you rolling on the floor laughing, throughout. The story traverses the lives of single individuals trying to make it on their own in the city that never sleeps. Each episode showcases the hardships they face, and relatable problems everyone who moves to Mumbai faces. From house-hunting to earning the respect of their parents as well as chasing their dreams and ambitions, this is definitely worth watching. The amazing chemistry between the six fun-loving characters will take you back to your early college days, and bring back interesting memories.


Internet Wala Love by Voot: Internet Wala Love is a refreshing series that unravels the story of Jai and Aadhya, and how they find love with each other, even though they are complete opposites. Each episode captures the exciting stories of their newfound relationship. While Jai is a social media addict and an open book, Aadhya avoids social media and likes to keep her interactions as minimal as possible. What’s intriguing is how they end up falling in love with each other. Watch the show to find out!



5 web-series for young adults to stream this weekend 1

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