Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Aalisha Panwar opens up about her wish to play a cop

Actress Aalisha Panwar's short film 'Blind Love - Part 2' is currently streaming and the actress shares her excitement on the same.

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Actress Aalisha Panwar’s short film ‘Blind Love – Part 2’ is currently streaming and the actress shares her excitement on the same. Speaking more about the film Aalisha says: “The whole experience of working in the film is great. I have debuted in short films with ‘Blind Love’. It’s a simple love story of a boy and a girl named ‘Naina’ played by me. This was the first time where I have played a character of a visually impaired girl so, a lot went into preparing for the character.”

What are her expectations from Blind Love 2? “While working on the first season, we as a team of ‘Blind Love’ could have never predicted the result. As an actor I have put my heart and soul to ‘Naina’ and the result is in front of us. As a team, I would definitely want season 2 to do well. We have shared a great working equation and it’s an experience for life time,” shares the actress. ‘Blind Love 2’ is directed by Prradip Khairwar, and also stars actor Shagun Pandey.

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After debuting in short films will she try doing web series, films on OTT platforms? She replies: “Why not? I would prefer a role that can be relatable and I can experiment with. I would love to entertain my audience with my performance. I have a wish-list of playing a uniformed officer, maybe an investigator. I just love the overall personality and aura they carry. I am sure I will be able to do justice to that.”

Speaking about doing a bold role on OTT Aalisha says: “It depends why and what I will be offered. There is a very thin line. Obviously, just for the sake of doing it I will never do something like that.”

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So do you consider OTT has become a boon post pandemic? “Not during the pandemic only because it has always been a boon as I have mentioned as an actor, I love to show my variations and this platform allows me to do that.”

“I have done good quality work on television but you need to explore further. Many actors have shifted their gear from television to digital and I would like to do the same. What I am today television has made me and I am grateful to all my fans and audience. Television is a very respected medium and this shall remain like that,” she concludes.

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