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Amit Tandon pens script for comedy drama OTT series

Comic artiste Amit Tandon, who regularly appears on television show ‘Goodnight India’ as the show host, is penning the script for a webseries after finishing the script of his feature film.

The yet-to-be-titled comedy-drama series is based out of Delhi on real estate scams.

Commenting on the development, Amit said writing comes naturally to comedians.

He said, ‘I feel comedians are inherent writers as well. With so many ideas and creative thoughts free-flowing in our minds throughout the day, we all have the potential to strike through one of them and work on the scripts of full-blown entertainment end products like films and web-shows.”

“Having said that, I have recently finished working on the script of a potential feature film and I had another idea which was more suited to a longer format like a web-show, so without wasting any further time, I decided to pen down this one as well. I think foraying into writing comes naturally to me as I have always written my own jokes, acts and skits on every little performance, TV show collaboration or of-course, stand-up specials”, he mentioned.

Amit believes that content is best performed by him if he himself has been the sole source of the same.

“Look forward to converting both these ideas and scripts that I have so fondly worked on into entertainment products worthy of the audience’s love and appreciation”, the comedian concluded.


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