Anupria Goenka starts shooting for ‘Asur 2’

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Actress Anupria Goenka has started the shoot for ‘Asur 2’. The actress will step out of Mumbai after a long time as the project requires the cast to shoot at different locations. The actress is thrilled to travel once again.

Due to the pandemic, the entire industry was put on a stop as a precautionary measure. Recently the shoots have resumed and Anupria is happy about it.

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The actress will first go to New Delhi and then to Manali for the shoot.

“I have been enjoying this phase of getting back to work. We all had been locked down in our homes for over a year and a half. Now that we have got a breather to go out and work, I am trying to make the most of it. Thankfully there is going to be lots of travel and I am totally looking forward to it…I’m sure these would be great times as I will be back in front of the cameras, which I absolutely love the most,” Anupria said.

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The actress, who will also later go to Varanasi to shoot for an undisclosed project, is mindful of the necessary precautions required to keep herself snd everyone safe.

“Precautions are a must in this ‘new normal’. I have to wear a mask at all times. Only when I am giving the shot do I remove the mask. As soon as the director says ‘cut’, everyone in the cast is back on with their masks. No one in the crew is allowed to take off their masks and many are even in PPE kits,” she says.

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The actress adds: “The makers have ensured regular rapid antigen tests on the sets, which help to identify if anyone shows any symptoms. Plus the sets and locations are sanitised thoroughly before the cast and crew arrive for the shoot. So the makers have ensured all safety and protection for everyone in the unit. We are sorted in that manner, I feel,” she says.

Anupria is keeping busy with the shoot of Asur 2′, and will also start another untitled project this month. The projects would mostly be released towards the end of the year.

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