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Donal Bisht says 'Tu Zakhm Hai' role allows her to push her limits

Donal Bisht, who is part of the web series ‘Tu Zakhm Hai’ expressed joy over the way the show is received by the audience. The actress called her character Kavya the most challenging role of her life.

“The whole story revolves around a hostage and a captor with undercurrents of love and its undeniable power to heal. As a psychologist, I’m able to comprehend the complexity of the human mind while finding myself in a dark embrace of love, resilience, and strength. It ends with me falling victim to the ‘demons’, taking you through a gyrating journey that will leave you craving for more,” she said.

“The character of Kavya is so captivating, as she herself is a hostage to these blue-collar gangsters,” she added. “A journey of an independent and simple girl-next-door taking a 180-degree turn to transform into a strong woman outshining everyone, ‘Tu Zakhm Hai’ has been one of the most layered characters I’ve ever portrayed.”

On the response she is receiving for her role in the MX Player show, she said: “The response has been overwhelming. My fans from across borders are calling me up and sending me texts asking me about the next season of the show. A character with depth helps you explore your creative capabilities as an actor. I’m also grateful that the makers could envision me as Kavya.”

Talking about the title and the storyline, the actress, who became famous after ‘Bigg Boss 15’, said: “I think ‘Zakhm’ is the underlying cause of a lot of our actions as humans and the story spotlights how it can affect life, emotions, and relationships. The screenplay and the plot are par excellence, that’s why I choose this project too as I believe In doing projects which excite me.”

Donal elaborated on her role: “I’ve always wanted to be a psychologist as a kid and my background in the subject helped me get the nuances right. It’s a very gratifying role, especially because I had to portray many emotions, there are 10 people in the show, and with all the 10 people, Kavya acts differently. Her equation with every character is totally different.

“So when I hear that the audience loved the many facets of the character, that is all that you want to hear. When you put your passion into a project, it hits the right chord.”

Meanwhile, the actress added that she loved working on OTT. “OTT boom is here to stay as the kind of content that is being churned out is amazing. And it’s nice to see that we’re seeing takers aplenty who are showing the appetite for “never seen before” stories, concepts, and plots. I myself am hooked on to so many shows on OTT and happy to be now on it & getting accepted and loved by the audience.”


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