‘Engineering Girls 2.0’ trio relives their college years

Reliving your college days on screen can really be fun and that's what the series 'Engineering Girls 2.0' is all about.

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Reliving your college days on screen can really be fun and that’s what the series ‘Engineering Girls 2.0’ is all about. It captures the story of three passionate girls who chase their dreams while facing all the odds.

The trailer of the series was launched on Tuesday. The five-episode web series features Barkha Singh, Sejal Kumar and Kritika Avasthi. It is a fresh take on the engineering college drama, set in a girls’ hostel in Season 1, which premiered in June 2018.

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Talking about the trailer, Barkha Singh said: “Shooting for ‘Engineering Girls 2.0’ was so much fun, but at the same time it made me nostalgic about my final year of college when I too was eager to make memories to last a lifetime. This show has been special to all of us, and we hope that the audience gives ‘Engineering Girls 2.0.’ double the love they gave to the first season.”

The trailer captures the essence of this season — ‘Sapnon ki Theory, Life ke Practicals’. Maggu (Kritika), Sabu (Barkha), and Kiara (Sejal) are stressing about their career, placements and jobs as it is the final year of their engineering course, but they also don’t want to miss out on one final year of fun, bonding and making forever memories.

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Kritika Avasthi shares about her bonding with the co-stars and how their friendship reminds her of college days. She says: “Living Maggu’s life was very exciting. Barkha, Sejal and I shared a lovely bond. We three were not only shooting together, but living together and we had a lot of fun. This reminded me of my college friends and I wish I could go back to those days.”

Sejal Kumar adds: “I have been getting so many messages for Season 2 since the time the last season ended. So here it is, our final year of engineering filled with adventures and misadventures. I hope that our fans love it as much as we loved putting it together.”

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‘Engineering Girls 2.0’ will premiere on ZEE5 on August 27.

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