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For Shefali Shah, 'Jalsa' is a film that comes from the heart, not the mind

Actress Shefali Shah, whose OTT film ‘Jalsa’ released on Friday, the film is a work of art that has come straight from the heart.

She recollected as to how the film’s director Suresh Triveni got in touch with her directly over a phone call to pitch the story to her and the actress accepted being part of the film after the narration as she was deeply moved by the story.

Recollecting how one phone call translated into the film for her, Shefali said, “So when Suresh called me, he said, ‘My name is Suresh Triveni, I have directed ‘Tumhari Sulu’. My first reaction was, ‘I loved the film and I admire your work so much’. He then said ‘I am working on a story, I can send you the first draft’.

“I said please send me right away. I read it, I spoke to him, I asked him can you please tell me more about her. And then it goes on. I read the storyline and I said ‘yes’.”

Describing what the film means to her, the actress said, “For me ‘Jalsa’ is not a film that comes from the mind, it’s a film that comes from the heart. Secondly, I don’t see ‘Jalsa’ as a film I see it as a human relationship and I don’t see it as a woman-oriented film I see it as a human-oriented film.”


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