Watch four more shots please with your girl gang


Right after the web shows came on OTT platforms the uncensored content became talk of the town, the content has now become rather explicit and all we see is sex, drugs, power and crime.

Amazon Prime India came with their original content Breathe and Inside Edge.

What is it about!
Last week  Amazon Prime Original's Four More Shots Please! Right from the director's team to the producers, DOP, writers, and others too. Just like the show, the makers also believe in women empowerment. 


Written by Devika Bhagat and dialogues by Ishita Moitra, the web series revolves around the lives of four very different women each fighting their own individual battles and tackling life as it comes. Based in the southern tip of Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, these four friends get together every couple of days to binge talk and get smash drunk at their favourite garage bar, 'Truck'. 

The series is consist of 10 episodes and with each episode, the story gets intriguing and make you fall in love with all the characters and unfolds the deepest relationship of humankind.

The Prime Original Series stars Sayani Gupta, Kirti Kulhari, Bani J and Maanvi Gagroo along with a stellar ensemble cast comprising of Prateik Babbar, Lisa Ray, Milind Soman, and Neil Bhoopalam along with Amrita Puri.


Why should you give 4 mins of your life to it…
This is the story of 4 girls living their life on their terms. Taking care of their personal and professional life it court cases, fighting themselves in a male dominated sector, to taking care of household chores and fighting the LGBT battle at home front.

4 badass, sassy, sexy and motivated girls fight all odds and want to conquer it all.The entire narrative is urban and shows the south Mumbai culture. They talk about Sex, vagina, they booze, party, get stoned and sloshed in Goa. A perfect getaway what is shown but which isn’t in real life. From having sex in every frame to sleeping with someone coz you are lonely to having a rebound and confused about your feelings. The show is a total u-turn to what girls are perceived. They talk about women empowerment but what they show in the series is sex, vagina and why it is important to have sex is the main agenda.

All the 10 episodes show about millennials but we millennials aren’t this way.. this gives a totally wrong message. Yes half of us are sloshed, lost but not to an extent that they only drink and drink and want sex. Now let’s get to the story apart from sex and vagina.


Yes there is story in between sex too.. Four friends meet at truck bar in south Bombay to get out of the monotony of life they drink more than four shots, share their highs and lows.

Cast review:
Damini aka Sayani Gupta is a journalist a fearless one who owns a website drools over her gynac (Milind soman ) and eventually makes out with him.  She is rich, successful and hardworking business woman and journalist focusing on hard core news.. she gets sloshed every third day but is not an alcoholic.

 Next comes in Bani’s character who is a lesbian but hides it from her family and falls in love with a superstar (Lisa Ray), how she handles turmoil in life is all about her journey.
Siddhi (Maanvi) is plum and her ultimate goal in life is to get married and that’s what her mother (Simone Singh) talks about….in this rut of getting married to losing virginity she has her goals set.

Kriti Kulhari ( Anjana) dons a bold role the one who is a divorcee and has a kid she falls for an intern ( Ankur) and happen to sleep with her and date her, she didn’t have sex and wants to have one soon. Neil Bhoopalam plays her ex-husband. She is a successful lawyer but lonely.

Prateik Babbar is paired in and out opooste Sayani he has his own   mess ups in life.  The cast did a good job and each one was true to their roles but there was too much of exposing, sex, v-talks and the story was in between sex. 

What turn you off:
 They are all well dressed, they are sloshed and all the wordly solutions to their issues are drink and have sex. I wonder they never had hangovers ever. Their drinking capacity can put men to shame. Nonetheless it’s a mini version of VEERE DI WEDDING. A wrong conception of millennials.

What is worth watching?
The songs and the background scores are nice, the acting is good by all of them , their efforts can be seen, Milind Soman back is something to watch out for. Ankur Rathee who is the new sensation in web world,he is the latest man crush as well as girl crush.

Final Verdict:
Watch it if you want to kill your time.

Four more shots please! Is produced by Pritish Nandy communication and is streaming on Amazon Prime video.