Halle Berry keeps shooting despite ribs injury

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Hollywood star Halle Berry cracked two of her ribs on the first day of filming her new movie “Bruised” but that did not stop her from shooting, says her stunt coordinator. Berry will be seen playing a disgraced MMA fighter in her upcoming directorial. The story revolves around her return to fighting to redeem herself after the son she gave up as an infant re-enters her life unexpectedly, reports aceshowbiz.com.

The role required lots of physical work for Berry and on the very first day of shooting, she ended up with two broken ribs. The actress did not let her injury pause the production and insisted on continuing with the shoot.

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“(It was) kind of a crazy injury,” stunt coordinator Eric Brown told Entertainment Weekly.

The stunt coordinator added: “But that was just her intensity… Halle’s a special case. I’ve worked with tons of actors, and almost none of them have that kind of work ethic.”

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This is not the first time Berry has broken her ribs. She also suffered a rib injury while shooting for “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum”.

Her experience after that was what encouraged her to keep going with the shoot of “Bruised”.

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“I told the director about it (then), they told the insurance,” Berry recalled of her “John Wick” accident.

She added: “We had to shut down for months and it was a big ordeal. On this (Bruised), because it was an independent movie, we didn’t have a big budget. The director in me said, ‘I didn’t come this far and work this hard to go home.'”

“Bruised” is due for release on Netflix on November 24.

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