Kadak Mitthi Season 2, an OHO Originals Trailer Out

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Kadak Mitthi Season 2, an Oho Originals, a new show, showcasing the heartwarming relationship between a mother and a daughter, the second season is directed by Anish Shah.

Kadak Mitthi as a series features quirky, unfiltered and heartwarming conversations between a mother and daughter. Season 1 of the series was more like an everyday household conversation, where a newfound friendship was developed between the characters.

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But the second season of the series deals with thought-provoking topics, from the demise of a family member, the importance of voting, marriage vs career to issues faced by unmarried youths in finding housing options and dilemmas/fair play at the workplace and much more.

Talking about the release of Kadak Mitthi Season 2, Abhishek Jain, Co-founder, Oho Gujarati said, “I’m extremely grateful to our audience for showing immense love and support to the first season of the series and wish this continues for Season 2 as well. While conversations between two individuals of a family are common and relatable, what makes Season 2 all the more special is the fact, it sheds light on some really important issues we all deal with in our lives. I encourage all our audience to watch Kadak Mitthi Season 2.”

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