Monday, October 25, 2021

Watch Vineeth Varaprasad’s Tamil horror-thriller Lift trailer

Two IT professionals confront their darkest fears in Tamil film Lift directed by Vineeth Varaprasad, will leave you guessing about the real truth of life

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What would you do if you’re faced with your worst, most frightening nightmare? This October, brace yourself to confront your darkest fears with the upcoming horror-thriller ‘Lift’. Directed by Vineeth Varaprasad, Disney+ Hotstar brings the Kavin and Amritha starrer, where viewers witness a day in the life of an IT professional Guru Prasad.

Guru is forced to confront his claustrophobia as he gets trapped in a lift of a nine-floor building, a horrifying situation that he never expected to happen.

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A nail-biting narrative, Lift revolves around the metaphors of modern life, slavery, hierarchy in organisations and the cruelty several working professionals are subject to in an environment that thrives on competition and comparisons. As the narrative unfolds, viewers witness an IT firm that projects a healthy working environment; but the dark secrets come to light.

Britto Michael’s music tracks Inna Mylu and Hey Bro perfectly fit the scenes to build the premise of Lift as viewers get introduced to Guru Prasad, a free-spirited IT professional trying to strike the work-life balance. Nishanth captures the mood of the plot with lyrics that describe how IT professionals struggle every day in a light and funny manner.

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Guru meets Harini, a lively co-worker. The film follows the two IT professionals as they get trapped in a nine-story building, and Guru tries to overcome his claustrophobia.

Talking about his film, the director Vineeth Varaprasad said, “I have always been fascinated by an intense thriller that leaves the viewer thinking hours after it’s over. With Lift, the team and I have tried to achieve the same. It’s an intensely layered narrative that makes you want to peer closer into our lives and the loop of work and life we find ourselves trapped in, and that’s the ‘real’ claustrophobia that surrounds us all. Our sound design, the set, the cinematography together with an intense narrative makes Lift an engaging, edge-of-the-seat horror film to revel in.”

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Speaking about his leading role in the film, actor Kavin said, “My character’s arc in the film is something every viewer will relate to. Guru goes through a journey of self-discovery. He’s the typical alpha male who has to face his darkest fear of claustrophobia. For me, playing Guru was an eye-opening experience because I could clearly see how we let our everyday lives consume us and forget about the big picture. This horror-thriller is special because it will make the audiences search for answers to the true meaning of life.”

Adding on the same, actor Amritha said, “Harini isn’t just a girl-next-door. She’s fun and bubbly but a strong-willed woman who wants to find her footing in a male-dominated environment. Playing Harini was like playing myself on screen. Her feisty attitude and the way in which she supports Guru confront his fear in the horror thriller is something every girl will draw inspiration from. I can’t wait for the audience to witness the fear and the mystery unravel in Lift, coming only on Disney+ Hotstar.”

The protagonist (Guru Prasad) of ‘Lift’ is an employee. He works for an IT firm AMRAK Technology. Guru meets Harini a lively person who has a crush on him. She works in the same office. A regular day in the office turns into a nightmare. Guru and Harini get trapped in the nine-storey building. A normal day turns into a rollercoaster ride for them as they run for their lives trying to find a way out of the place, the only way out is the lift. The lift holds the mystery. What’s trying to kill them? All they have is hope.

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