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Lock Upp: Karanvir Bohra gets emotional after meeting his daughters and wife

Karanvir Bohra arrived at the Jhol Ghar and spoke with Karan Kundrra about his game and other topics. in Lock Upp

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We rarely see a day begin peacefully in the Lock Upp house. In the morning, Nisha and Poonam argue about the fact that Nisha asked the blue block to make eggs for her, to which Shivam responded, ‘yes we will’, but Poonam made a fuss because she is a brahmin.

After this argument, Nisha and Poonam’s friendship suffered a rift; later, Poonam began crying and mentioned that she felt depressed in this jail, but the girls eventually reconciled.

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Sharirik Shram was held later in the day. With the raw materials provided, the shram was to make haldi, dhaniya, and mirchi powder. Each block could only have four people to perform.

There was a time limit, and at the end of the time limit, the team with the most masala powder (at least two masalas)would win. During the shram, Payal had a disagreement with Babita and Siddharth about only four people performing at the same time. The left block was working in unison, whereas the right block was constantly yelling and fighting. Both teams gave their all and performed with complete dedication. The sharirik shram came to an end with a countdown.

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Later, we see Anjali and Babita arguing about the quality of the dhaniya powder in the left block. With all of the spice, drama, and efforts, the left block was triumphant and received the opportunity to enjoy holi sweets (gujiya). The right block lost and acted like a petulant loser.

After winning the task, Karanvir’s team chose him to go to Jhol Ghar. He arrived at the Jhol Ghar Karanvir spoke with Karan Kundrra about his game and other topics. There were three levels of temptation for him.

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1. Use the power card to place one person on the charge sheet and save one person. (The repercussion is that three people will go in the Tehkana. He will choose one, and the jailor (Karan) – the other two.)

2. A masseuse who will undertake a full-body massage. (The repercussion is that three people will go in the Tehkana. However, Kaaranvir will choose all three.)

3. Meeting his family (wife & kids) and having fun with his family during Holi. (The repercussion is that one of the safe kaidis, Ali, Shivam, and Siddharth, is eliminated on the spot.)

They then proceeded with the temptation playout. His reaction to the power card was unexpected. He had no idea the first temptation would be a power card.

He declined the power card because he felt he didn’t need it. He was overjoyed to see the masseuse but also didn’t want to succumb to the masseuse’s temptation because he didn’t want to bother anyone for his pleasure. Then the jailor informed him that this time there were only two temptations; as nothing is constant in this Atyaachaari jail. Then Karan showed him his daughter’s toys, and Kaaranvir became very emotional after seeing them. He was about to leave the jhol ghar when Karan played his daughter’s audio, and he returned. Jailor then bought the love angle topic of Anjali and Karanvir.

The jailor then told you to apologize to your wife and his family. The live feed was shown from the Benakab zone, where Kaaranvir’s family was present. The jailor then went on to say that to succumb to this temptation, he would have to eliminate any single kaidi from the jail which was a gimmick.

Karanvir took Payal’s name to eliminate, but the jailor instructed him to eliminate him from one of the three safe kaidis. First, he took  Ali’s name. Then the guards brought in holi colours. After much deliberation, He took Siddharth’s name and finally met his family; it was an emotional moment to which the kaidis also reacted emotionally.

Will Siddharth create a scene with Kaaranvir’s decision? How will Kaaranvir react after the whole fake love angle scenario?

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Sidharth Shukla

Avika Gor

Malavika Mohanan

Asim Riaz

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