Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat season 3 is a plot twisting tale of love and friendship


Alt Balaji never fails to keep us hooked with its shows, with so many shows in platter ranging from various genres like youth, family drama, crime thriller, middle age love stories and more.

Alt has many shows like Apharan, Broken But Beautiful, kehne Ko humsafar hai and many more that are being loved by all age group.

One such show that Alt Balaji app has made it to the third season is Karle TU Bhi Mohabbat starting the very loving couple of television now into web Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar. The duo never fail to charm us with their screen presence.


Ekta kapoor has managed to keep the love of the audience intact with Ram and Sakshi’s chemistry as they return to web with the third season of Karle Tu bhi mohabbat. With loads of twists and turns as we have seen in the trailer this season comes with pyaar, vaar, Takraar and emotional aatyachhar and a massive twist.

These 13 episodes are a complete joy ride, filed with smile, laughter and full of ups and down with a sweet tale of friendship. Here’s why Kar le Tu bhi mohabbat is a must watch this weekend with your loved one..

The third season starts after their separation of Ram and Sakshi as they have parted ways and now they have a daughter Pia.


Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 3 opens with Karan Khanna (Ram) winning an award for his film. He has become the old obnoxious Karan who is into women and drinking again and has become cold towards relationships and love he hates his wife to core and is on the verge of ruining her life.

On the other hand Tipsy has moved on to another city and has found a soul friend in Ved (Hiten Tejwani) and he has adopted Tipsy’s daughter Pia and made his own sweet and small family.

Time and again makers reveal bits and pieces of what happened five years back, that caused Karan and Tipsy (Sakshi) to separate. In the flashback, we also get to see heart-melting romantic moments between the two.


As the story moves forward we see the ongoing issue brought into light the #MeToo movement which is very relevant in bollywood now. The show throws light upon the same making it a sub-plot of Tipsy and Karan’s unision.

It so happens that a young starlet Sanam accuses Karan Khanna that he has molested her to get her work and ends up ruining her career she decides to arrested put fake charges on Karan and gets in touch with Ved who is a lawyer.

Well to sort the mess Zoya who is the financer and current sleeping partner of Karan advises him to get his PR skills at place and get his family do the repair by getting Tipsy back so that he is considered a good family man.

All this and more leads to separation between Ved and Tipsy,(physically) mentally Ved is still very helpful to Pia and Tipsy and leaves no stone unturned to help her friend and eventually Ved falls in love with her.

However the parallel track is more intense as Karan and Tipsy fight, accuse and malign each other still they come closer and can’t stop loving each other.

Karan is unaware that Pia is her daugther he starts feeling like one big happy family. If this wasn’t enough there is a twist in the tale as we move ahead, we learn that Karan’s once best friend (Vatsal seth)has plotted against him with the help of Sanam and also involved Karan’s manager Divya.

With ups and down and highs and lows and immmense plot twisting the season is gripping and will keep you hooked until you finish the season.

As we move ahead there is a lot of plot twisting scenes but what makes this show different from other stereotypical Balaji shows is the last episode and those 10 minutes is indeed a mystery which will be loved by the audience. This certainly gives us a hint that Season 4 is in making.

Talking about the actors needless to say Ram and Sakshi are truly adorable they make a perfect pair onscreen. karle Tu bhi mohabbat gave us a rather Bade Acche Lagte hai feel but the plot change towards the last few episodes was mind blowing.

Karishma Tanna who plays the CEO of a production company is mostly seen trying to sort out Karan’s mess. She plays that perfect partner and friend to Karan.

Hiten Tejwani is introduced as Sakshi’s friend Ved, who has accepted her and her daughter, the bond between Ved and Tipsy is pure and you will want to have a friend like him in your life. Like always Hiten charms us with his niceness and dual personality as the story moves and mainly at the end there is a subtle doubt in his character. Hiten and Tipsy surely give us major friendship goals.

Iris Maity plays Sanam, the upcoming actor who tries to frame Karan in the case. She plays her victim card well. Other sub casts like Vatsal Sheth also makes an impressive cameo appearance as rising star Aryan Khanna, whom Karan helped in become a star. And years later, he is the one plotting to bring down Karan using Sanam.

Shantanu Monga essays the role of Nitin who is a lawyer and is the right hand of Ved, he has a short yet impactful role in the show. With such big stars like Ram, Sakshi, Hiten he makes his screen presence felt.

To sum it all, Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat is a bitter- sweet love story that will make your heart go out for Ram and Sakshi. You can hate it, love it but can’t ignore it. Ekta kapoor yet again catches the nerve of the audience.