Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai 2 gives a perspective to divorce, marriage and love


Alt Balaji has never failed to churn out content for the masses and classes; this is the only OTT platform that has streams all the genres.

One of the most loved shows and binged watched  show even now is kehne Ko Humsafar Hai starring Ronit Roy, Mona Singh, Gurdeep Kohli, Pooja Banarjee, Parth Samthaan (guest appearance).

After the humongous response for the first season, the makers have released the second season.


Kehne ko humsafar hai season 1 was a trend-setter to how clean and content-driven concepts on the web space can be!! Though the series spoke about infidelity and relationships in turmoil the show garnered a huge fan base.

Kehne ko humsafar hai is a story of a man who is a father to grown-up daughters, and knowing this he doesn’t shy away from deriving pleasure in the company of another woman out of his marriage.

Poonam (Gurdeep Kohli) a homemaker is heartbroken is compelled to seek divorce from her husband as he is head over head in love with Ana (Mona Singh), what happens next is heartbreak, love, betrayal, family drama and more.


The first season had left audience wondering whether Rohit after seeking divorce from his first wife Poonam (Gurdeep Punjj) would be ever seek happiness with Ananya (Mona Singh)?
This question kept haunting in the minds of the viewers, until the second season was launched.
On Valentine’s Day the second season was out which shows the turmoil of Rohit’s life and complications as he tries to fix his second marriage.

Plot and screenplay!
Majorly shot in beautiful locales of Qatar, the complications of the second marriage literally hit through their relationship, as Ananya set out on her own journey of seeking peace and wants to be an independent woman professionally she decides to move to Qatar.

The series opens up on a huge male chauvinism where the husband wants a modern woman as a partner, and at the same time is unwilling to accept that she will not play second fiddle like the typical yesteryears housewife. This is what Rohit’s mindset is he wants Anaya to have their kid and settle down with him. This nature of Rohit is tamed by Sheena (Suchitra Pillai) who is Poonam’s Sister. (Twist in the plot).


 Rohit wants to start his family but Anaya isn’t ready for it. Rohit is swinging between his daughter studies and married life as well giving time to his new wife. Amidst all this Poonam makes efforts to Anaya understanding kids.

If this wasn’t enough, Rohit’s mother still harbours that her son and ex-daughter-in-law will eventually reconcile. She rightly states that although at 50 years he wants a new life, he will not be able to pay its price and that Ananya is far too independent to spoon-feed him.

A brooding Rohit is forced by his friend to fly to Qatar and try to mend fences with Ana.

Rohit doesn’t like it when Anna’s handsome boss, Harry Somani (Apoorva Agnihotri), gives her attention. To be honest, Ana too wants her marriage to work, but not at the cost of self-respect. Her friends also push her to strike a discordant tone.

Accepting that Ana will not bend, Rohit changes track on his sister-in-law’s advice (Suchitra) and tries to appear supportive of her endeavors. But till when will Rohit actually pretend to be supportive of Ana’s professional aspirations?

On the other hand Poonam tries to give sometime to herself, she emerges onto self-love as she swims, drink wine and meets a young man (Sayush Nayyar) as her sister encourages her to go with the flow as she is now single and should mingle. It won’t be easy for her though. Will her daughters accept a new man in her life?

Rohit’s daughter, Bani (Pooja Banerjee), who had a miscarriage, is unsure of her marriage, wondering whether she had erred in taking the plunge in the first place. The flashback scene, when the famous Pakistani singer (Parth Samthaan) was flirting with her in front of Rohit, was another indicator of most men who would get angered if anyone else tries to impress their wives and daughters.

Will 4 new lives trying to understand relationships, marriage and more.

Why should you watch!
The biggest difference between Season 1 and Season 2 lies in the fact that the earlier season was bundled up with huge emotions as the two women (one who lost her husband and the other who got her love) had to be shown torn between love and emotions. However, Season 2, so far seems lighter and the stark reminder of male hypocrisy is one aspect that will attract more female audiences to a male-skewed platform. Seasons 2 gives a broader horizon to relationships and also shows that divorce in a patriarchal society isn’t end to life, how Poonam lives her life becomes a single parent, mends ways with her husband’s new wife and more is indeed people need to accept.

Ronit Roy as Rohit has dwelled into the character like never before; he is trying to make his marriage work as well as balancing his other family. Men like rohit do exit and this show doesn’t shy away to show this side of men. There are many Rohit’s in India but very few Poonam’s. Ronit Roy is apt for the role of Rohit.

Mona Singh, the charming and ambitious Ana, is perfect for the rile, we do see such independent, strong headed woman in our society, Ana’s character is rich, powerful and committed as well as ambitious, she could have got a single guy but she choose her love and married a married man, her character changes per episode, she understands and also puts in efforts. Mona aces her role.

Poonam aka Gurdeep, you will feel bad for her initially but the way she garners strneth and handles things will put a smile on your face. Gurdeep’s character is essential as this will inspire many divorcees to start afresh.
Gurdeep fans will be eager to watch her here, as she is not seen as the brooding and crying mother and wife who has lost her husband to a younger woman. Poonam has certainly moved on and simply does not bother about getting back into Rohit’s life. Gurdeep looks fresh as ever and has given a new shade in playing this rather-happy-go-lucky character in Season 2 well.

The small cameo of Writer Mushtaq Sheikh was impressive. Apoorva’s track has not yet opened up. He has just come across as the boss of Ana who also likes chit-chatting with her even when she is with her husband. We are eager to know how Harry’s character gets shaped. Pooja Banerjee and Manraj Singh’s characters have not had much to do in the first four episodes. Same holds good for Rohit’s other daughter, played by Palak Jain.

Sayush Nayyar has been impressive, with his character having developed the eagerness to see Poonam again and again. Parth Samthaan in the flash back scenes of Bani did a good job. We wonder whether he will again return in the present in Bani’s life.

The series also has cinematic beauty, with the beauty of the Arabian Desert and the architectural wonders of its people. The beaches, the architecture makes it a huge canvas to watch it on web.

Final verdict
 Ekta Kapoor has touched upon infidelity in various shows and on web this is the first show which gives in-depth insight from Poonam’s point of view, the other women Ana’s feelings and how a man who is in turmoil manages two families. Kehne ko Humsafar is a show that many people in metro’s go through but many can’t get out of the marriage of maintain it